The Sharpest Grant is a professional consulting service dedicated to promoting positive community changes and planning promises futures. We work with startup businesses and non-profit organizations who struggle with having a lack of resources to complete their God-Given vision and want to see their organization or business reach its full potential.


"As a result of taking this class I am able to execute the vision from a dream to a reality. Sometimes ideas remain ideas and never come into fruition; however, this class gave a step - by - step formula as to how to make a dream a reality that not just benefits the dreamer, but also those who witness the dream."

Denise McKendell

"This class offered a precise road map to getting my ideas out of my head and into a business plan."

Karen parish

"Organization is the key to any successful business. I have a better understanding on how to start from the ground and work my way up."

Elaine Lopez

This has opened by eyes to the opportunities available and how to approach getting the resources to carry out the vision.

Elesia Evans

I have been enlightened on "how to" enhance the ideas I propose to the leadership of the ministries and how to get them funded.

Julian Dunn